Tony has been rehearsing and songwriting with Marty since 2019, a truly global thing with Marty and Olivia based in Penzance (Cornwall UK) during the writing and recording of our 1st EP “Shimmer”, while Tony, Nigel and DC live and play on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. Marty and Olivia are now re-located in Porto (Portugal) with a new studio around the corner and with Marty’s 50,000 plus record collection soon to be en route from Cornwall to Porto. Skype has certainly had a work out of late, for all of us! Which brings us to now. Our individual influences of guitar-based pop music mean we have a super fun time playing and writing music for Arktik Lake, with Olivia’s beautiful Jane Birken’esque backing vocals combining to make our new music super fresh and relevant for the 2020’s. While Marty is notable for his prowess with Rickenbacker guitars (check the Wikipedia page for “Rickenbacker 360/12” for reference to Marty) and they certainly feature in all 4 tracks from our 1st EP “Shimmer,” a wide range of vintage guitars feature in our new single “Bright Sunny Days”. Most of Tony’s work on the EP and our new single was written and recorded using his hand built Telecaster and Benedetto Archtop (semi-acoustic) guitars. DC brings his depth of experience to the engineering and production as well as driving basslines played alongside the tight drumwork from his buddy, Australian rock royalty Nigel Macara. To top off, our new single “Bright Sunny Days” was recorded in July 2022 when Marty and Olivia spent the month with us in Sydney, at Jim Moginie’s (Midnight Oil) “Oceanic Studios” on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, then mixed by Andreas Ahlenius in Stockholm, Sweden. A truly global offering of new music for your listening pleasure
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