Marty Willson-Piper – Electric, Acoustic and 12 String Guitars, Vocals

Tony Rumble – Electric and Acoustic Guitars

Dare Mason – Keyboards, Vocals

Olivia Willson-Piper – Backing Vocals

John Cobbin – Guitars

DC – Bass Guitar, Keys

Nigel Macara – Drums

Production: DC (Sydney), Marty Willson-Piper and Dare Mason (Cornwall)

Recorded: Moonlight Studios recorded, The Honey Lounge & The Cool Room (Sydney) and VIP Lounge (Cornwall)

Engineers: John Cobbin, DC (Sydney), Dare Mason (Cornwall)

Arrangements: Tony Rumble

Additional Arrangement: DC, Marty Willson-Piper, Dare Mason

All songs written by Tony Rumble

I am eternally grateful for the love and passion given by this fantastic team!


Our EP “Shimmer” draws on and collects experiences from our favourite musical styles and influences, with a modern freshness for added appeal. Sparkling melodies with soaring guitars and vocals set against a driving rhythm section, telling stories with cinematographic splendor.

The opening track “Shimmer” tells the story of a small group of people (are they friends…are they couples?) rushing out to see their favourite band, to chase some shiny and shimmering guitar pop. The excitement builds until they’re set, standing in front of the band, letting the jangle chords wash over them, when the mood and the moment has them soaring and astral travelling, “…falling into the galaxies of stars.” Along the way there’s some reminiscing and a cheeky reference to Australia’s famous “Big Day Out” concert series – one of the fans is eavesdropping on a hopped up lead singer talking about how high he is, just minutes before they were due to take the stage! “Shimmer” was written to be a classic guitar pop song, and Marty’s soaring lead guitar and alluring vocals helps the listener go where the fans end up – astral travelling into the galaxies of stars.

“Promises We Made” takes the emotions to another level, and speaks of love, betrayal and trust…core issues that we all deal with. Starting with the “blank page” of youth the song follows the singer’s reminiscences of classic summers of love spent on long beach holidays, without a care in the world. Suddenly reality intrudes as the chorus tells us that the love is gone…promises long made are broken…the pressures of modernity have taken their toll and the song moves into the steaming boredom of dormitory suburban life, where those rolling days of endless waves are just a memory. All is well in the end though, as Marty’s groovy guitar marries with Olivia’s “Jane Birken’esque” vocals to bring the song full circle, to its inevitable conclusion of newly found harmony and a peaceful ease.

“Hombre” started life as our tribute to the cowboy guitar work of The Shadows, further inspired by Glen Campbell’s “twanging guitar” on songs like “Wichita Lineman”…more recently updated and repurposed by bands like “Brian Jonestown Massacre” and Australia’s own “Morning After Girls.” Inspired by Marty’s muse’s suggestion to develop it as an instrumental, “Hombre” is our tribute to the great surf instrumentals of the 60’s, and more recent stand outs like “Wedding Cake Island” by Midnight Oil. After you hear “Hombre,” we’re sure you’ll dust off Morricone’s “Good, Bad, & the Ugly” and re-live those amazing mariachi guitar sounds of yesteryear.

“Misty Shores” is a little different. Written and played in Open G tuning – a la Keith Richards and Jimmy Page – it’s a ditty that moves between the meanderings of a psychedelic dream and a Tolkien like quest to solve a pressing puzzle. Keyboards set the mood, quickly enhanced by the baroque beauty of Marty’s driving arpeggio’s. A bit of lighthearted fun and humour to close the EP.

We hope you enjoy our EP “Shimmer” as much as we did when we wrote, arranged, recorded and mixed it!

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